2016 trends

These trends dont cover the big economic, social and technological trends that are ahead. After all, The Economist is already a thing.

Instead, were all about buyer trends. Regular readers will know that trends emerge as innovators address consumers basic needs and wants in novel ways.

As trend watchers, thats why we look for clusters of innovations which are defining and redefining buyer expectations.
These innovative reviews and the trends they represent show what buyers will want next, and present you with actionable novelty opportunities in 2016.

But readers who are serious about understanding the direction of consumerism across many dimensions will have already spotted that these trends dont sit in splendid separation. they’re a few of near future fragments of the Bigger Picture more on how to manage that below. But every one is a killer opportunity to take to your team now.

Read, think, argue. Then get going, and make a start on new merchandise, services and campaigns that buyers will love in 2016.